Company Patches, T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Hats are in! Ask for Louis, aka “The Tee-Shirt Guy” if you stop by the firehouse. If you want merchandise mailed to you, checks and money orders can be made out to: “Engine 306 Commissary” See below for specfic price list. *Add $2 shipping & handling per patch *Add $3 shipping & handling per tee-shirt *Add $4 shipping & handling per sweatshirt *More Merchandise on the Way! Mail any request to: FDNY Engine 306 40-18 214th Place Bayside, NY 11361 ATTN: T-Shirt Fund

E-Mail the T-Shirt Guy here

White T With Blue Lettering    Small-XXL   $15.00






Gray T With Blue Lettering Small-XXl  $15.00






Blue T With White Lettering  “The Bulls”  Small-XXL  $15.00






Blue T With White Letters  Smal-XXL  $15.00






Blue T With Gold Lettering  Small-XXL  $15.00






Blue T With Alternate Lettering and Logo  Small-XXL  $20.00






E 306, NY METS, NY YANKEES Hats  $15.00






Blue Hooded Sweatshirt  Small-XXL  $40.00






Bulls Patch  $10.00



4 responses to “Merchandise

  1. Hey brothers, Great site. Grandfather retired from E-281 on Cortelyou Rd. Dad retired from NYPD. I am an Hon. Capt. FDNY and Hon. member of UFOA 854. In the “old days” I had close friends that worked in E-10 and I did quite a few “ride alongs” with them (pre-L-10) and after they got the truck. Probably ran with them for 4-5 years off and on from 1980 thru 1986. I’ve got 28 years as a paid-on-call FF. I’m retired from that now. Working in the private sector as Dir. of Safety & Health for a mid-size company in PA. The shirts look great. I know I’ll be contacting Louis shortly with an order. Until then, stay safe my brothers.
    Ed Blumberg, Capt. FDNY (Hon.)

  2. I am so proud that my grandfather, Charles R. Nagle was a hero of the FDNY and the 306th. I plan to order t-shirts and a patch to celebrate my heritage. Stay safe and serve with pride!

    Donald L. Nagle, Reno,NV

  3. Let me know when the shirts and patch is available, I will be proud to wear one in memory of your grandfather. I am actually working on getting a design ready for a shirt honoring my grandfathers appointment anniversary for Nov. 2013. It will be the 100th anniversary of his appointment.

  4. Hey Donald, How are you guys handling the massive wildfires out there? Are they close to where you live? I have a friend whose aunt lives in the Reno area also. Keep me posted on the progress on the shiirts.

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