Engine company 306, 40-18  214th place, Queens. This Bayside engine company entered service on November 15, 1924, at 40-18  214th place to replace the volunteer company, Bayside Engine 1. Their first apparatus was a 1924 American LaFrance 700-gpm engine. Two members of Engine company 306 have made the Supreme Sacrifice–Firefighter Charles R. Nagle in 1926 and Firefighter Antonio J. Assent in 1951. In 1926 Firefighter Charles R. Nagle received a medal for his heroic actions. Engine company 306 has received three Unit Citations. Their response area is widespread and consists primarily of residential dwellings of newer construction, small apartments, and storefronts. Engine company 306 is one of the first-due engines into the future Fire Academy located at Fort Totten. The Bayside Bulls currently respond with a 1993 Seagrave 1000-gpm pumper.
Interesting facts:
Engine company 306 member receives posthumous award…first time in department history.
Engine company 306 member…first line of duty death in a confined space.
Engine company 306 responded to Box # 55-8087 on September 11, 2001.
Organized: November 15, 1924
Disbanded: July 2, 1975
Reorganized: July 4, 1975

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